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Parish Episcopal School
Parish Episcopal School
Parish Episcopal School

belonging at Parish

Parish is an inclusive community grounded in respect and honor for each of our members. Firmly rooted in the Episcopal tradition, Parish is a religiously, culturally and socio-economically diverse community. We believe that empathy and understanding help us each become better equipped for the world we inherit.

In April of 2018, the Parish Board of Trustees and Parish's Administration established an Inclusive Community Task Force. The objectives and aspirations that came forth established a hope for what Parish will look and feel like when we live more fully into our inclusive Episcopal identity by being a community in which:

  • Individuals can be their authentic selves.
  • Individuals will feel they belong. 
  • Individuals will recognize and persist through the potential discomfort associated with discussions of identity, equity, and justice.
  • Individuals will respect the unique experiences and perspectives of others.
  • The commitment to inclusivity will cascade throughout the institution and steep within the Parish culture.
Parish Episcopal School

As a school founded on the values of Wisdom, Honor and Service, Parish Episcopal School believes that embracing our inclusive community facilitates our social, spiritual and intellectual growth, and drives excellence in teaching and learning. We empower our students to be authentic and prepare them to lead by demonstrating knowledge of and respect for the rich variety of people and points of view that exist in our complex global society."Parish's Diversity statement

Parish Episcopal School

How We Belong

Some examples of Parish's inclusive community:

Racial and ethnic ancestries
Socio-economic backgrounds
Family structures
Sexual orientations
Religious traditions
Political affiliations

Belonging Council

The Belonging Council is comprised of members of the Parish faculty and staff focused on the broader aspect of belonging for students, families, and colleagues. The Council will work together to build a cohesive Belonging program that is cross-divisional and includes all members of the Parish community.

Members of the council include:

  • Board of Trustees
  • Divisional Faculty Representatives
  • Assistant Heads of Student Life
  • Social-Emotional Counselors
  • Learning Specialists
  • Chaplains
  • Director of Financial Assistance
  • Arts and Athletics
  • Director of Community Service

Belonging and Inclusion Leadership

Kamara Coaxum

Kamara Coaxum

Director of Belonging & Inclusion
Brenna Greeling

Brenna Greeling

Assistant Director of Belonging and Inclusion