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Board of Trustees

From the moment that we stepped onto the campus for the first time 8 years ago, we knew that Parish was a very special place. Our family is very grateful to be a part of such a warm, nurturing and supportive community of faculty, staff and parents. – Marty Debus, Middle School Parent


Parish is an inclusive community that nourishes the diverse interests of each child. A student can explore the arts, athletics and STEM simultaneously without feeling the pressure to be placed in one category. Guiding children to lead, to think, to care not just about the Parish community but globally while promoting independence. – Laura Baggett, Alumni Parent


Parish is preparing today's student for tomorrow and I love it. – Michael Pegues, Parent of Alumna (Micah '16)


Trey Velvin, Chair

Trey is the parent of three alumni, Andrew ’12, Sarah '14 and Will ’18, and has been on the Board of Trustees for five years.

He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration and a Master of Liberal Studies from Southern Methodist University. 

Alyson Jackson, Vice-Chair

Alyson is the parent of an alumna, Abby ’22, as well as daughters in Middle and Upper School and has been on the Board of Trustees for five years.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.