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Belonging, Diversity, Inclusion

Our Diversity Statement

As a school founded on the values of Wisdom, Honor and Service, Parish Episcopal School believes that embracing our inclusive community facilitates our social, spiritual, and intellectual growth, and drives excellence in teaching and learning. We empower our students to be authentic and prepare them to lead by demonstrating knowledge of and respect for the rich variety of people and points of view that exist in our complex global society.

Definition of Belonging at Parish

Belonging at Parish means we honor one another and share responsibility to create an inclusive community where everyone can feel safe, valued, and supported.

Belonging Council and Members

The Belonging Council is comprised of members of the Parish faculty and staff focused on the broader aspect of belonging for students, families, and colleagues. The Council will work together to build a cohesive Belonging program that is cross-divisional and includes all members of the Parish community.

Head of School
Assistant Head of School
Inclusive Community Coordinator
Director of Community and Engagement
US Divisional Liaison
MS Divisional Liaison
LS Divisional Liaison
Hillcrest Social/Emotional Counselor
3rd - 8th Social/Emotional Counselor
US Social/Emotional Counselor

LS Asst. Head of Student Life
MS Asst. Head of Student Life
US Asst. Head of Student Life
Hillcrest Chaplain
Midway Chaplain
LS Learning Specialist
MS Learning Specialist
US Learning Specialist
Director of Tuition Assistance
Athletics Rep

Arts Rep
Director of Community Service
US Faculty Rep
LS Faculty Rep
MS Faculty Rep
Director of Communication
Director of Advancement
Board of Trustees Rep
Assistant to Executive Leadership

Creating a Culture of Belonging

A place to be your authentic self
Individuals will feel they belong
The commitment to inclusivity will cascade throughout the institution and steep with the Parish culture
Recognize and persist through the potential discomfort associated with discussions of identity, equity and justice
Respect the unique experiences and perspectives of others
Parish is a warm, inclusive community where each student is allowed to blossom into a unique, passionate leader prepared to succeed in our complex world. It really takes a village and Parish has been the right village for our family!
– Beth Gerwe, Parent of Alumnus and Board of Trustee


Opportunities for the Parish community to promote belonging through cultural competence, civil dialogue and purposeful action.

Some examples of Parish's inclusive community:

Racial and ethnic ancestries
Socio-economic backgrounds
Family structures
Sexual orientations
Religious traditions
Political affiliations

Inclusion and Episcopal Identity

Episcopal schools are places where people from all different types of perspectives and traditions show up and engage in the joyful process of learning. This is not only what we are supposed to do, but what we love to do.