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Welcome to Parish

Our Mission and Vision

Inspired by our values of Wisdom, Honor and Service, the mission of Parish Episcopal School's inclusive Episcopal community is to guide young people to become creative learners and bold leaders prepared to impact our complex global society.

In our vision to Reimagine School, we are evolving how students learn and succeed, by realizing and fostering their passions in a warm and joyful learning environment.

Parish is committed to redefining the high-quality college preparatory experience and engaging students in a balanced learning environment through challenging core curriculum and strategic programs that develop and inspire.

The principles guiding Parish reflect awareness of individuality:

  • Honor student voice and choice in learning
  • Meet students where they are, helping them reach new levels of mastery as they are ready
  • Help students develop enduring habits of mind which are transferable to a lifetime of learning and excelling
  • Create learning conditions which engage students in authentic, meaningful work

Parish at a Glance

Want to know more about Parish Episcopal? Than check out a list of our awards and accomplishments that we've earned over the years.

Wisdom, Honor, Service

Reflecting our Episcopal identity and our mission to become instruments of God’s peace and justice in the world, the tenets of Parish Episcopal School are Wisdom, Honor and Service.

Diversity & Inclusion

As a school founded on the values of Wisdom, Honor and Service, Parish Episcopal School believes that embracing our inclusive community facilitates our social, spiritual, and intellectual growth, and drives excellence in teaching and learning.


CenterED is intended to significantly elevate our commitment to mental wellness/brain health curriculum and engagement in an educational environment.

Board of Trustees

Parish provides its students with a welcoming and inclusive community, dedicated and innovative faculty and staff, and vested interest in and passion for your child's future.

Careers at Parish

As we seek to shape and enrich the lives of the students in our community, Parish Episcopal School offers rewarding professional opportunities in teaching and staff positions.