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Parish Episcopal School
Parish Episcopal School
Parish Episcopal School

Our Episcopal Identity

The tenets of  Wisdom, Honor and Service at Parish Episcopal School reflect our Episcopal identity and our mission to become instruments of God’s peace and justice in the world.

A Community That Models God’s Love and Grace

Parish models serving God in Christ to all persons, regardless of origin, background, ability or religion. In the arenas of academic and extracurricular life, we strive to honor and respect the dignity of every human being. Community Service – locally, nationally and internationally – is one of the clearest ways we live out this commitment.

A Diverse Community

Parish is a religiously, culturally and socio-economically diverse community. We believe that empathy and understanding help us each become better equipped for the world we see today and the world we will pass along to future generations. Find out more about Belonging at Parish.

A Multi-faith Community in Worship and Prayer

Students, faculty and staff of any and all faith traditions attend daily chapel and services. Gathering as a community, to learn from each other, with the Bible as the foundation of that learning, allows each member of the School to grow in their own beliefs. We are a community that strives to honor people of all faith traditions through:

  • Religious literacy

  • Tolerance

  • Exploration and security in personal beliefs

  • Strong moral agency and ethical decision making
  • Civil discourse around religious difference

Servant Leadership

At Parish, we demonstrate and instill the concept of leadership by example. Serving others is part of our culture and curriculum. Students are encouraged to think of others first and to make a difference by sharing their talents without expectation of reward. We believe this kind of leading with integrity is vitally important to instill in the leaders of tomorrow.

Principles and Practices of Episcopal Schools

The goals of Religious Life at Parish are modeled on the Principles and Practices of Episcopal Schools created by the National Association of Episcopal Schools (NAES).

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Daily Chapel

There are five daily grade-specific chapel services that center our community life. 

On both campuses, students, faculty, and staff gather for a service of morning prayer adapted for young people from The Book of Common Prayer each morning. During this time of prayer, reading from the Bible, reflections in the form of a homily (short sermon), and singing, the community is invited to begin the day with a time of reflection.

Though not all of our families are Christian, students are invited to participate based on their comfort or the comfort level of their parents according to their age. 

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