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"We are so pleased with the strong, balanced programming at Parish. The passion-based, tailored experiences lets our daughter develop her strengths and interests, as well as learn the leadership skills to take her to the next level, whatever her course." –Corlie Storey, Upper School Parent

Among the reasons to choose a private school experience for your child, no doubt academics is one of the most important. At Parish Episcopal School, we have developed strong college preparatory curricula and innovative programs that equip our students for success in academic life, and in every other aspect of life as well. Beginning in the earliest grades, we work to instill the characteristics that will serve a child well throughout the school years and beyond.

This involves more than a singular, consuming focus on test scores and letter grades. While quantitative measures are always important, our academic approach at Parish produces globally competitive students by creating a vigorous, dynamic educational environment that is inviting, engaging and rewarding. By encouraging curiosity, exploration and problem solving, we create learners for life. To that end, we develop our student’s mindsets and preparation as defined by our IMPACT model as well as our ParishProfile, progress and accomplishments in a digital portfolio, showcasing their journeys as they grow into young people of impact.

Compare our approach to the typical private school where learning is burdensome and pressure-filled. Look at the success of our students in all of their pursuits, including but not limited to their college acceptances.

Where will your children best thrive and flourish?