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Center for College and Life Planning

Counselors Prepare Students for College and Life After Parish

Life after Parish starts with individualized college and life planning sessions while still on campus. Beginning as freshmen, students become familiar with the Center for College and Life Planning, and expand their relationship with our counselors over the course of their four-year high school careers.

Our child-focused college counseling encompasses all four years of Upper School, with the degree of guidance increasing and becoming more specialized as students advance from 9th through 12th grade. This highly personalized, student-centered program is also collaborative and extensive.

Parish Episcopal's college counselors start by helping students identify potential college, university and post-educational communities that will best serve their academic and personal growth. Counselors ensure both parents and students are knowledgeable about the unique intricacies of preparing for college, the college search process, completing applications and, ultimately, selecting a college, or choosing a gap year in some cases.

Our goal is to demystify the experience as much as possible, communicating the expectations, deadlines and best practices of each. We offer a multitude of channels for families to stay informed during the process. Through group meetings with parents and students, letters and emails, publications, the Parish website and, most importantly, in individual guidance sessions, we make sure the steps are clearly communicated from day one. 

At Parish, we believe no student should have to make the transition from high school to college unsupported. With our highly specialized preparation, we help students cultivate impactful relationships with college counselors who understand that each student’s particular life journey will be different from his or her peers. Our approach is a student-specific process that supports and encourages future graduates to forge a path toward their individual brand of success. 

Sarah Kramer - Director, Center for College and Life Planning  972.852.8748

Langston Ross - Counselor, Center for College and Life Planning  972.852.8790

Ingrid Torres - Counselor, Center for College and Life Planning  972.852.8793

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College Rep Visits

Parish Episcopal School welcomes college visitors throughout the school year.

To schedule a visit, connect through RepVisits. If you have follow-up questions, please contact us directly. Thank you for your interest in Parish Episcopal School and its students.