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Parish Episcopal School
Parish Episcopal School
Parish Episcopal School

LS Enrichment Classes


Students at Parish Episcopal School are immersed in the visual arts starting from the ground up. Our goal is to have structured fun with a purpose as we maintain the delicate balance between your child’s wonderful imagination and formal art lessons.


From basic mouse skills in kindergarten to online applications in fourth grade, students are engaged in learning for the 21st century. The Lower School technology curriculum focuses on developing skills by creating projects that follow a careful developmental arc that is tied closely to classroom themes of study and our STEM program.

Kitchen and Garden

Parish students discover nature’s life cycles through experiences in the Nauslar Garden and Fleeger Family Kitchen. They gain knowledge to empower healthy choices while being engaged in innovative math, science, and critical thinking practices.


Parish Episcopal School libraries are centers for reading and research, enabling our students to be passionate life-long learners. Each library has a diverse collection of print and online materials to support not only the curriculum, but also the varied interests of our students.


The objective of music class is to contribute to the intellectual and cultural development of the child. Students at Parish Episcopal School build strong musical foundations through our child-centered program that provides positive, challenging, and stimulating musical experiences.

P.E. and Motor Lab

We believe that Physical Education and Health is a powerful academic instrument which has the ability not only to build and develop lifelong skills but also to help strengthen a student’s social skills, self-esteem, confidence, and behavioral conduct. Our motor lab enables the child to develop a body that is working at peak efficiency – a body that can move when, where, and how the situation requires.


Parish models serving God in Christ to all persons, regardless of origin, background, ability or religion. In the arenas of academic and extracurricular life, we strive to honor and respect the dignity of every human being.


Parish students have the benefit of being introduced to Spanish at a young age through vocabulary development, games, and songs with the understanding that students will naturally be in the “listening stage” for many years. By the time students are in 4th grade, they have received approximately 187.5 hours of instruction in Spanish vocabulary.


STEM is the purposeful integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. As a school, Parish is known for entrepreneurial and innovative programming founded upon educational research and best practices.