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Parish Episcopal School
Parish Episcopal School
Parish Episcopal School

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"We expose our students to a wide array of experiences . . . and challenge them to discover their talents and passions."

Middle School is a time for growth, exploration and discovery. During these years, Parish Episcopal School offers a challenging yet engaging curriculum that further builds each student’s ability, with an emphasis on teaching children to become leaders and contributing citizens with programs that are shaped by the needs and characteristics of adolescence.

We expose our 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students to a wide array of experiences designed to teach valuable life skills and to challenge them to discover their talents and passions. As an independent middle school, we support their core curriculum with experiential and service learning. Through these programs, students are afforded extensive opportunities to explore their individual abilities and gifts, not only academically but also in areas such as leadership, athletics and the arts.

At a pivotal juncture in their lives and academic careers, Parish helps our students to anchor their lives on timeless values.


Parish Episcopal School


Our curriculum is designed to engage each and every child in the arts, humanities and STEM.

Experiential & Service Learning

These programs offer specific opportunities for students to enhance their learning beyond the classroom and to cultivate a sense of leadership.

Parish Life

We believe that life outside of the classroom should also be a vital part of every student’s educational experience. 


IMPACT is Parish’s Prek-3 through 12th grade mission-aligned program that equips students with mindsets necessary to thrive in our complex global socieity.  These mindsets will be taught and explored in chapel, advisory and in the classroom.  

Student Support

In the modern world of education, how you teach a child can be as important as what you teach a child. Through a team approach, we provide the optimal resources for students to develop academically, emotionally and socially.


Extend strives to offer a range of programs for students of all ages and interests.

Faculty & Staff

Learning Spaces

Educational Technology

Parish leverages the power of technology to enhance the flexibility and effectiveness of our educational programs and environment.