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Parish Episcopal School
Parish Episcopal School
Parish Episcopal School

Leadership Institute

Think Bigger. Act Bolder. Make a Positive Impact.

In order to do this, a young person needs the opportunity to learn how and Parish has established itself through ParishLeads as a model school in providing each and every student exposure to the language and behavior of leaders.

We recognize, however, that some of our oldest students might have a deeper interest in leadership and wish to elevate their study and application of leadership to a higher level. From that realization was born the Leadership Institute, a program of ParishLeads.

The Leadership Institute has been designed to prepare its Upper School participants to make a positive impact by:

  • Building a deeper self-awareness of their talents and passions
  • Sharpening their skills for inspiring and enabling themselves and others to think bigger and act bolder
  • Identifying how they can use their talents, passions and leadership skills to achieve lasting results

Students accepted into the Leadership Institute during their freshman year commit to three years of leadership coursework, experiential activities and projects. 

LEAD Projects

LEAD Project

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The Leadership Institute features are:

Please contact Shannon Longfield for more information.