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Innovative Spaces

With the help of numerous supportive donors and forward thinking educators, Parish is home to several unique learning spaces.  The Beasley STEM Center at the Hillcrest Campus and the NanoDen at the Midway Campus are place where Parish students to not only ask bold questions about their world but offer students the opportunity to tangibly explore fundamental concepts as well as conduct cutting edge molecular research. 

Few academic institutions in the country have a space that rivals Parish’s Midway Campus Design Den. The 8,500 sq. ft. of design and makerspace serves as the classroom for many of the Middle School STEM enrichments and all of the Upper School engineering electives.  Within this space Parish students have access to many of the same types of equipment found in professional print and machine shops.  In the Design Den, Parish students are encouraged to step into the “arena” dream big, learn from failure, and value persistence.  Here there are few things our students can dream that we cannot bring to life.


Parish student showing a tomato grown inside the Hydroshed on the Hillcrest Campus.

Parish is proud to partner with hyrdroshed and Amelia’s Backyard Farm creating and innovation extension to the Nausler Family Garden with the addition of this climate controlled hydroponic greenhouse allowing students the opportunity to grow crops year-round.