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Program Details

STEM is the purposeful integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. As a school, Parish is known for entrepreneurial and innovative programming founded upon educational research and best practices. Therefore, it is in this tradition, along with our effort to redefine high-quality independent education, that we have adopted the most recent recommendations of the National Academies of Science and the integrated STEM approach.

Parish integrates science, technology, engineering, and math in order to provide more opportunities for relevant hands-on applications. As the curriculum spirals across grade levels, fun hands-on lab activities, projects, and design challenges allows students to deepen their understanding of such cross-cutting core concepts as pattern recognition; cause and effect; scale, proportion, and quantity; and energy and matter, stability and change through the unified approach of STEM. This seamless approach to the math and sciences will help Parish students develop as critical thinkers as well as appreciate how math and science so permeate our daily lives. 

I can’t imagine attending Parish without being a part of the STEM program.  The skills I have acquired can’t be attained in a traditional classroom.  This program is special.  It allowed me to lead, learn to fail and try again, be the truest version of myself and gain incredible confidence. – Whitney Wheeler '17


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