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Mental Wellness and Emotional Intelligence

CenterED is intended to significantly elevate our commitment to mental and emotional wellness. A focused curriculum offers engagement in an educational environment through trained counselors. The academic portion of this program is delivered in partnership with Grant Halliburton Foundation. This local non-profit organization has a successful track record for helping families and young people. A key component is recognition and response to the signs of mental health conditions through education, collaboration and encouragement.

Every day, our students are bombarded with pressures and crises and in some cases, they are ill-equipped emotionally to handle them. The result can be stress, relationship problems, anger, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and other serious mental health issues.

Ways to get centerED

Education for our parents and faculty/staff
Education for our students
Coffee With The Counselors
Pet Partners
Hope Squad at Parish

According to The American Psychiatric Association, one in four young people in the U.S. suffers from a diagnosable, treatable mental illness. Unfortunately, it’s estimated that less than two-thirds of them receive help.

Our social and emotional counselors are devoted to helping Parish’s student body balance the academic rigor with a sense of secure well being. For students, centerED provides a safe, nurturing outlet that can help them actively manage feelings of overburden or under preparedness. It also gives students workable tools to help them identify signs of mental distress and mitigate their effects. 

centerED Support

  • Elaine Charles, M.A., LPC-S
  • Ashley Childs Collins, M.S., LPC
  • Michelle Murray, Ph.D 
  • Wellness programming and education for students, parents, and faculty/staff  
  • Short-term social-emotional support for students
  • Referrals to and confidential coordination with outside resources
  • Guidance and consultation with parents, faculty, and staff regarding social, emotional, and mental health
  • Virtual support is offered and available