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US Curriculum

Parish’s Upper School features a challenging college preparatory curriculum with advanced programs in core subjects.

  • English (4 years)
  • Social Studies (3 years)
    • Global Culture, World History, US History
  • Mathematics (3 years; through Algebra II)
  • Science (3 years)
    • Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • World Languages (3rd level; at least 2 years in US)
  • Religious Studies
    • Bible and Western Culture, World Religions, CRI
  • Health
  • Arts (3 classes)
  • Athletics (3 seasons)

2021-22 Course Catalog

Parish has a unique blend of innovation and nurture that creates confident, articulate and passionate students.
– Andrea Mayfield, Alumni Parent

Parish allows our Upper School students to pursue exceptional opportunities tailored for their individual strengths and interests through innovative, unique programs such as those listed here:

Center for College and Life Planning

Our award-winning college counselors help students discover college or university communities that will best serve their academic and personal growth.