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Ford Noble '14

Ford Noble '14 graduated the University of Southern California with a degree in petroleum engineering in May 2019.

Position/ Company you are currently employed? 

Noble Royalties, Inc.

What has brought you back to Parish as an alumnus?

Seeing Parish grow and change into what it is today has been great to see every time I return home. I really enjoy going back, talking to old teachers and friends and seeing how much the school has improved. The school has evolved incredibly since I began there in kindergarten, and it’s been a cool journey seeing it grow and improve over the last (nearly 20) years.

How did Parish prepare you for your time in college?

Parish gave the perfect foundation to shape my study skills and find a balance between school and social life. Beyond the fantastic teachers, the guidance in balancing after-school activities as well as my studies made me feel comfortable as I began college. Whether it be sports and academics, theatre and academics, or any combination of activities, Parish really does prepare its students for tackling the balance of life and studies as you venture away to college. I was initially worried about the larger scale classes coming into college, but Parish allowed me to keep myself in check and on schedule regardless of the amount of supervision by the professor. Though everyone’s college and college experience differs, Parish gives students the tools to make the most out of it and I will always appreciate that.

Five years from now where do you see yourself?

I hope to be moving up in the Acquisitions & Divestitures side of the Oil and Gas industry in five years and finding new ways to explore and do business within the industry.

Would you like to give a shout out to a specific Parish teacher you had?

Craig Savage (Upper School Science). It has been fun keeping in touch with him.

Any advice to Parish Seniors as they leave for college?

My biggest piece of advice would be to say ‘yes’ to as many opportunities as possible. Going out and experiencing wherever you attend college and taking advantage of your time is the best possible thing to really get a rewarding experience. There will be time to rest and relax eventually, but you only have a few years with your college friends; so anytime someone asks you to go somewhere, see something, join a club, or anything of that nature, try it out.