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Leslie Briggs '07

Leslie Briggs ‘07 graduated from Southern Methodist University in 2011, with a B.S. in Economics with Financial Applications and Minoring in Business.

Where did you graduate from? Major/minor?

I started at the University of North Carolina but ended up graduating from Southern Methodist University in 2011 earning my B.S. in Economics with Financial Applications and Minoring in Business. I am a numbers person and Economics just made sense to me. I got the minor in Business to add to my resume to also broaden my set of choices for a career.

Position/ Company you are currently employed? 

I am currently employed at Door Texas Title, LLC. It is a startup company that thrives on customers experience in the home buying process. I am currently a backup assistant and funder for all files. They generally call me the utility player because I can do almost anything. We deal with both investment properties and first-time homebuyers.

Biggest accomplishment so far in college and your current career? 

1.      I was fortunate enough to play soccer at the University of North Carolina and win a Division 1 National Championship in soccer my sophomore year.

2.      The ability to graduate from SMU earning my bachelor’s degree and knowing that I can return to receive my Masters. Which I hope to in the next year.

Biggest lesson learned in college?

My freshman year I had mono which was very difficult because your freshman year at a top school is where you have your chance to prove yourself to the coaches. I was unable to play for most of the fall season. When I was cleared to play, I had lost all of my fitness. I was determined the 2nd year to get in shape, pass the test and play. My hard work and determination allowed me to become one of the quality players during the season and into the final four. We then won the NCAA Tournament in Soccer that year.

What do you remember about Parish graduation day in June 2007 and what is your memory of being the first to cross the stage?

I remember realizing that week that I was going to be the first ever graduate and boy did it hit me. My thoughts were don’t trip across the stage because I NEVER wear heels. I remember how we all just looked at one another knowing that we may never talk to some of our classmates again. From time to time, I talk to old friends to catch up. However, I look back at that pictures of when we graduated with 46 students and I just couldn’t imagine graduating with any other group of kids.

You can't live without your…?

Dogs. Family. Friends.

Favorite memory of Parish?

I would say my best memories are the ones with the faculty and friends.  We were so small then so I felt like I could go to each teacher at any given day and he or she would listen to me.

Other stand out memories at Parish?

1st- My favorite memory was when I was playing basketball (I am not a basketball player I am a soccer player). I was told by the coach to go foul them and I went and fouled like I would if it was soccer. I then received a Technical Flagrant foul and everyone who knew me just sat there and laughed.

2nd- When I was playing basketball the basketball bounced right at me and my initial reaction was to volley the ball to the wall and catch it. Unfortunately, the ref was close to me and said he didn’t know where the ball was going as he thought I was about to hit him. I mentioned I knew where it was going as I was a soccer player who has played at the top level. I still got a technical.

What do you miss most about Parish?

The faculty and how close everyone is with each other.

Would you like to give a shout out to a former Parish faculty/staff member?

Dr. Hotz and Mrs. Clay both inspired me and taught me a lot growing up.

Any advice to Parish Seniors or students?

Enjoy every moment and tradition we have because before you know Parish will be in your past. I would suggest to go to every event they can and enjoy the school pride that we have. The teachers are there for us, show them how much you appreciate everything they have done. I know I do not always tell my teachers but they taught me a lot and it was not just in the books, but how to be as a person.  When I look back, my best times were all the crazy days we got to dress up, the rivalries between classes, the pep rallies and events constantly going on.

What has brought you back to Parish as an alumna?

I honestly haven’t been back as much as I would like. Unfortunately, when you get out of school, work and other things tend to get in the way. I try to come back when I can and kick the ball around with some kids who think they have it 😉. I would love to inspire some kid that isn’t sure about going to college or help someone follow their dreams.  After all family takes care of each other.