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Sam Johnston '15

Sam Johnston '15 graduated Belmont University in 2018. He majored in Commercial Music and has his minor in Songwriting. “I chose to study music so I could pursue music in Nashville and improve on my craft.”

What position do you hold now?

I’m a full-time musician, planning on touring across the country this summer!

Biggest accomplishment so far in your career or in college?

Releasing my first single “The River” and having it climb to #2 on the iTunes blues charts was super cool!

Biggest lesson learned to date in your career or in college?

Don’t be comfortable doing the easy things. Take the time to truly find what you’re passionate about and just go for it.

Favorite memory at Parish?

Playing the national anthem on the guitar on football senior night in my shoulder pads. I’ll never forget it!

Other stand out memories of Parish?

I can’t live without my laptop. It essentially has every document I’ve ever written throughout my college career. I use it for hours every day to do homework, research, listen to music, etc.

Favorite memory of Parish?

Winning the TAPPS Division II State Football Championship in 2014; all of the amazing musicals I got to be a part of; going to the music room and learning from Dr. Steve Hendricks during lunch. So many great ones.

What do you miss most about Parish?

The teachers that really made an impact on me, believed in me and supported me from the moment I started playing music!

Would you like to give a shout out to a former Parish faculty/staff member?

Ahh so many. Two that truly stand out are Dr. Steve Hendricks and Jessica Barnett. The impact they had on me is irreplaceable!

Any advice to Parish Seniors or students?

Don’t be afraid to try something new. One audition, one tryout or one club you join could open a door to something you end up doing for the rest of your life.

What has brought you back to Parish as an alum?

Keeping in touch with old teachers and faculty. It’s always great to catch up with them!

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