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Wendy Peraza '10

Wendy Peraza '14 graduated from St. John's University in 2014, receiving her degree in Legal Studies.

Why did you pursue Legal Studies as a degree?

I majored in Legal Studies for a few reasons: 

1) I liked learning about the law in general and the different ways it can be interpreted

2) how I can use the law to my advantage and help others

3) I felt my personality would do well here as I am not shy, I am not afraid to ask questions, I am to the point, I like to find creative ways to get around hurtles, etc.

What are you currently doing professionally?

I am a Production Rights & Clearance Specialist at Facebook. I specifically work for the Facebook Watch Originals product advising on our original productions including for our original shows such as Red Table Talk with Jada Pinket Smith, Sorry for your loss starring Elizabeth Olsen and much more.

You can’t live without your….?

Family. Family is always on my mind and their support is what keeps me going.  On another note, I can't live without my noise canceling headphones. I need to always be listening to music it helps me zone in and cancel the noise around me.

Biggest accomplishment so far in your career or in college?

Having worked for some of the top companies in the world by the age of 26. Viacom, Google and now Facebook.

Favorite Memory at Parish?

Overnight school trips! Not all schools have those opportunities and those were awesome. I am thinking even in middle school when we went to Catalina Island and DC - very awesome.

Other stand out memories of Parish?

Football games!! Taste of college football I never had a chance to experience since St. John's didn't have a football team. 

What do you miss most about Parish?

Uniforms. Not having to think about what I have to wear everyday would be nice.

Would you like to give a shout out to a former Parish faculty/staff member?

Wow, my list can be long. They know who they are for the most part I am Facebook friends with them :)

Any advice to Parish Seniors or students?

Be organized! Organization helps in every aspect of your life and has really been the key to my success. Organization will help your schedules, your work, priorities, your mental health pretty much anything you can apply organizational skill and it helps.

What has brought you back to Parish as an alumna?

Some of the teachers I had throughout the years. Coming to see them so they know I haven't forgotten. As a reminder of how grateful I am for their support when it truly mattered as a teen looking for my place in this world and goals I wanted to achieve in life.

Biggest lesson learned to date in your career or in college?

Seize every opportunity no matter how small the task because every opportunity is an opportunity to learn so that you can excel.

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