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To further the mission of the School using Arts to build future leaders with an emphasis on excellence.

Parish Arts is a vibrant creative community where collaboration, inspiration, and artistic exploration thrive, enriching the lives of students and fostering a collective spirit of imagination and expression. Through experiential learning, Parish Arts seeks to engage all students in immersive artistic experiences that ignite their passion, nurture their talents, and foster a lifelong appreciation for the transformative power of art.

Creative Spaces

In 2021, Parish opened the doors of the new Noble Family Performing Arts Center which is now home of Parish Arts. The 55,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility has elevated the arts at Parish and provided a stage for campus events and milestones, bringing our School together like never before.

Events and Tickets


Dance education at Parish provides students with the opportunity to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of dance as an art form by helping them to gain significant knowledge of dance elements.


Starting in PreK, the Vocal Music curriculum is designed to contribute to the intellectual and cultural development of the child and develop every student's musical aptitude and a life-long love and appreciation for music. Instrumental Music at Parish begins in 5th grade. Students work in a collaborative environment where they both grow as a solo player and as a member of an ensemble.


Theatre classes are an energetic and engaging opportunity for students to focus on the essential skill of communication. Whether board room or Broadway bound, all students can benefit from strengthening their presentation skills and developing confidence in front of a group.

Visual Arts

Parish students are immersed in the visual arts starting from the ground up in PreK. Our goal is to have structured fun with a purpose as we maintain the delicate balance between your child’s imagination and formal art lessons.

The Arts People

The Arts People (TAP) is the PARISHarts booster club, which supports the arts in our Parish community. Parish parents, relatives, staff, and other supporters are welcome to join TAP.

Recognizing the significant impact the arts have on our community, culture, and school, TAP provides support to the many arts programs available to our students and within the broader Parish community. 

The art on the gallery walls and performances in the theater are just the final stages of a magical process that encourages our students to try new things, stretch their abilities and grow as young artists. hutch Hutcheson, director of PArish arts

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