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Arts Programs

The Parish student is introduced to the arts starting in PreK 1 and it permeates through all the way to their senior year of Upper School. We have arts offerings in the school day, extracurricular, as well as, in our after school program. For more info on the Arts at Parish contact

Visual/Studio Art

Parish students are immersed in the visual arts starting from the ground up in PreK. Our goal is to have structured fun with a purpose as we maintain the delicate balance between your child’s imagination and formal art lessons.

Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music at Parish begins in 5th grade. Students work in a collaborative environment where they both grow as a solo player and as a member of an ensemble. Throughout the year, each grade level band gives several performances that demonstrate everything they have worked toward in class.

Starting in the Upper School, students can join the Parish Jazz Band. This group begins learning the basics of blues, swing, and improvisation. They perform frequently throughout the year.

Vocal Music

The vocal music department at Parish offers choral, musical theatre and general music programs. Starting in PreK, the music curriculum is designed to contribute to the intellectual and cultural development of the child and develop every student's musical aptitude and a life-long love and appreciation for music. Students are taught musicianship through the processes of listening, creating and performing music, as well as through expressive movement.


Dance education at Parish provides students with the opportunity to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of dance as an art form by helping them to gain significant knowledge of dance elements. Each class is given the opportunity to apply this knowledge of learned technique during formal presentations in different venues throughout the academic year. Skills and knowledge of dance help students develop meaningful concepts of self, human relationships and physical environments. In addition, dance strengthens and refines critical thinking skills by examining movement and choreography intent.

Theatre and Film

Theatre classes are an energetic and engaging opportunity for students to focus on the essential skill of communication. Whether board room or Broadway bound, all students can benefit from strengthening their presentation skills and developing confidence in front of a group. Theatre classes are offered in 5th through 12th grade, with film courses added in the Upper School. The theatre program includes courses in all aspects of theatre including design, musical theatre, technical theatre, directing and acting.

PARISHarts Curriculum

The arts permeate through all disciplines at Parish Episcopal School, from PreK through 12th grade. At the Midway and Hillcrest campuses, PARISHarts are indeed everywhere! Even when Parish students are not seated in an arts class, they are immersed in the discipline as it touches all programming across the School, including athletics.