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The Arts People

2022-23 Booster Memberships Now Available!

The Arts People Booster Club Mission

The Arts People (TAP) is the PARISHarts booster club, which supports the arts in our Parish community. Parish parents, relatives, staff, and other supporters are welcome to join TAP.

Recognizing the significant impact the arts have on our community, culture, and school, TAP provides support to the many arts programs available to our students and within the broader Parish community. Our mission is two-fold: 1.) Promote awareness of all programs, productions, artwork, achievements, and activities; 2.) Provide financial assistance to PARISHarts through fund-raising, primarily with membership dues, that helps PARISHarts further enrich the lives of our students and the Parish community. 

We greatly appreciate your participation and look forward to an exciting year for the Arts at Parish.

The Arts People wishes to thank the following Masterpiece, Curtain Call and Producer level members:

Julie & Damon Chronis
Joanna & Brendan Cohen
Angie & Kirk Dunk
Kathy & Tim Eller
Jodi & Yan Lemeshev

Julie & Kevin Linderman
Sharon & Matt Niebuhr
Angie & Jeff Ratliff
Sam & Sadi Raza
Neena & James Watts

The Arts People Board 2022-23

Sharon Niebuhr

Alyson Jackson

Board Advisor
Jody Swartzwelder

Stacey McDonald

Debbie Daggett

Sophie Lowrance

Sarah Grohmann

& Faculty Appreciation

Janet Tierney

Lacy Schultz