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Cast of Matilda in the Upper School Musical.



The Arts are everywhere.

The Arts are everywhere.

Your coffee cup, the music you hear at Starbucks, the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the debate you listen to between two co-workers, your favorite TV show; it’s all art. It is no different for a student at Parish. Even when they’re not seated in an arts class, they are immersed in the arts daily. In fact, if it involves sight, sound, story or movement, it links back to the arts.

The arts permeate through all disciplines and more specifically, through all of Parish’s signature programs. Whether it’s a focus on the role of music during the Arab Spring for Academy of Global Studies, an online art history course through ParishVirtual, footage of a theatre performance for ParishProfile, or an independent study in advanced dance technique, the influence and importance of the arts shows up everywhere at Parish in ways that are intentional and unintentional, required and voluntary.

Everyone at Parish knows a little bit about PARISHarts. Their view may be through a class or a performance, an exhibition or even a football game; however, it’s when you look at PARISHarts from a broader scope that you really see the depth of its impact.

Featured Events

PARISHarts has over 150 performances a year. Go here for event details. 

Arts News

Arts Programs

One of my first passions in life is dance. I love being in a musical, while still being able to be
involved with dance, music and art, and have time to balance my academics and get good
grades. Having so many options at Parish means a lot to me.” - Sophie Pong '22

Dance Company

Our choir program starts as early as 1st grade and all the way through 12th grade.