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Parish Lab

ParishLab is a resource for 3rd through 12th grade students to develop mindsets, learning styles, their strengths and practice study skills through application and exploration. 

Individual Attention
ParishLab offers specialized instruction dedicated to the development of effective learning strategies and organizational systems geared toward each student's individual needs. This program is led by a team of learning specialists who have extensive experience working with students who have a variety of learning styles.

Unique Environment
ParishLab offers a unique environment with space and furniture designed to adapt to the needs of the students. Course content is delivered via individual and small group instruction designed to both teach and put into practice the important skills required for academic independence and success. 

Ownership & Accountablity
Ownership and accountability are two guiding principles of Lab participation. Students focus on cross-curricular study skills, work collaboratively with peers and develop the ability to self-advocate. The goal for each student is to develop and sustain these habits to create a lasting and positive impression on their academic endeavors.

To learn more or start the enrollment process, please contact Rob Kelton, Director of ParishLab.


Contact ParishLab

Rob Kelton,
Director of ParishLab


Lab Hours: 7:00am-4:00pm
(5th-12th grade)

ParishLab has provided an opportunity and structure for students to meet goals, set deadlines and improve self-advocacy.– Michelle Lyon, Associate Head of School