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My Parish Moment - Will Harrington '20

My Parish Moment - Will Harrington '20

Parish student raises money and awareness about suicide prevention through love of music.

No matter what sparks a student’s imagination or passion, Will Harrington ’20 says there is something for everyone at Parish Episcopal School. For Harrington, music is the most “magical” part of life and a highlight at Parish where he is a member of the music ensemble Essential Standards.

“It has some kind of element to it that I feel I can relate to everyday life and get through everyday life with,” said Harrington. “Coming here, it was really nice to see so many people supportive of what I like to do.”

Harrington says Upper School Music and Essential Standards Director Steven Hendricks, PhD, makes the music department feel like a family. He counts his parents, Hendricks and PARISHarts Director Karl Reiss, PhD, among his biggest supporters. They were all happy to help again this summer when Harrington launched a music tour through five Texas cities with his band PROBII. The tour, in memory of Harrington's friend from a previous school, raised money and awareness for teen suicide prevention and benefitted the Grant Halliburton Foundation, Parish's partner in centerED for Social & Emotional Well-Being. Three other Parish seniors - Lauren Chappell, Gus Solis and Brad Fetter - pitched in with video, photography and technical support; PARISHarts loaned Harrington lighting and other equipment needed for the tour. Learn how Harrington used grief to help others in this My Parish Moment.


My Parish Moment - Will Harrington '20 from Parish Episcopal School on Vimeo.

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