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Help us make Parish’s anniversary year a success!  Whether you have an hour to spare or an afternoon, we have numerous volunteer and sponsorship opportunities available.  Be a part of the action and volunteer TODAY.

Planning Committee

Kristen Twomey
Committee Chair

Block Party & 50th Kick Off
Kerry Crombie, Co-Chair
Caroline Pfeiffer, Co-Chair

Dave's Day of Service
Mollie Monaco, Co-Chair
Jody Swartzwelder, Co-Chair
Pam & Jason Creel
Staci & Bart Freeman

Faculty & Staff Appreciation
Amy Merson, Chair

2022 Parish Gala
Marla Buskin, Chair

Founders Day Style Show
Linsey Evans, Co-Chair
Teri Nauslar, Co-Chair
Megan Neitzel, Co-Chair

Spring Picnic
& Night at the Ballpark

Lisa Macaraeg, Co-Chair
Ashley Skibell, Co-Chair