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Parish Episcopal School

Sage Dining Services

Parish Episcopal School partners with SAGE Dining Services to provide our students with healthy, high-quality food including fresh vegetables, fruit and whole grains. For more than 25 years SAGE has focused on serving private schools like parents. This service, which is included in the overall tuition*, treats our students to real food, cooked from scratch. SAGE`s seasonal menus are custom designed for us, reflecting the students' preferences as well as fresh products available in the market.

Why is Nutrition Such a Priority for Parish?

Parents and students alike can appreciate that healthy brains start with healthy meals. The more nutritious foods our students put in their bodies, the more acute their focus and academic output becomes.

It’s the reason we strive to make sure a hungry moment never distracts from the learning day. We’re proud to serve the second best thing to homecooked - a balanced from-scratch meals curated by culinary professionals.

We also understand that with a diverse student body comes diverse cultural foods, dietary restrictions, and tastes. SAGE is heavily involved with our leadership team, helping us accommodate food allergies so that all students have access to healthy meals that power their studies.

Upon enrollment, parents are given their own access to the SAGE portal for a real-time look at the proposed upcoming menu. Not only is the food kid-friendly and private school approved, sustainable practices are also a priority of SAGE.

This shared value, coupled with our commitment to community and integrity, align well with practices and experiential learning curricula throughout the School.